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In the summertime you can spend days relaxing by the lakes Serraia and Piazze on the Altopiano di Piné or on the shore's of Lago Santo in Valle di Cembra. Worth noting: at Lake Serraia every year there is a spectacular regatta between long Dragon Boat canoes. Atop the Altopiano di Pinè you will find countless trails in the woods, suitable for the entire family, which you can follow bothby footoron a mountain bike, or evenon horse-back if you like.

In winter, the Ice Rink in Miola di Pinè is the ideal place to enjoy a day on the ice with the entire family. Also in Miola, during Christmas time there is the Paès dei Presepi: the town is transformed and every house and every arched vault displays the Nativity scene; for kids there is a treasure hunt you just can’t pass up, lots of entertainment and delicious food for everybody. What’s more, there is even curling… if you would like to try your hand at it, the Pala curling (curling centre) in Cembra awaits you!



Valle di Cembra is known for producing high quality wine sand grappas. For the gourmet in you,the local food and beverage tradition offers nothing but genuine flavours: cheeses, chestnuts, honey, mushrooms and wild berries, all of which grown and produced locally. Gemme di Gusto, Rassegna dei Müller Thurgau, Di-vin Ottobre, are some of the initiatives dedicated to wine and to the gastronomic specialties produced throughout the year.

History, culture, and nature: the three pillars of Trento. One of the top Italian cities in terms of quality of life and the environment, Trento hosts events all year round and is the perfect starting point to discover the rest of Trentino. A tradition in warm hospitality and great care taken in protecting a priceless natural region and landscape makes Val di Fiemme a preferred destination for mountain holidays, both in summer and in winter.

Piazze Lake
  • Piazze Lake, in the municipality of Bedollo, and Serraia Lake are like twin pearls.
  • Piazze Lake is an important element of the Piné landscape.
  • In the hot summer months, it is highly appreciated by water sports enthusiasts and those who enjoy sunbathing on the green meadows around the lake.
  • The path around the lake, allows to walk and make the complete stroll of the lake, and at the end of the walk, our dogs can reach the dedicated area to cool off. Thus, on the south-west bank, in Cercenadi, is to be found is a bau beach.
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Serraia Lake
  • At 974 m above sea level, amidst woods, reeds and meadows, Serraia Lake at Baselga di Piné is on a wide plain.
  • There is a pleasant path all round the lake, which also continues on to the other lake of the plateau, Piazze Lake.
  • Perfect for adults and children, for a day on the plateau in the middle of nature, practising sports or simply relaxing on the lake shore.
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Cros del Cuc
  • The village of Bedollo offers a wonderful view point over the entire Piné plateau.
  • After about an hour’s gentle uphill walk along the forest track that starts from the car park near the Alpine hut, you can reach the white cross, called Cròs del Cuc, situated on the top of the hill. One of the most picturesque scenes in the Piné plateau can be admired from this view point: it overlooks the Piazze and Serraia lakes, Mount Bondone and Mount Fravort.
  • Time needed: approximately 1 ½ hours round trip from the Alpine hut.
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Cascata del Lupo Path
  • Cascata del Lupo is a place not to be missed, for its beautiful pristine natural surroundings and for the power of the water flowing from the rocks.
  • To reach the waterfall, you start from the square in the town of Piazze di Bedollo, where the route begins, descending into the ravine, passing through the valley formed by the Rio Regnana. From here, you can continue until you reach the Segonzano earth pyramids.
  • The waterfall can also be reached starting from the Segonzano earth pyramids (marked as trail SAT 406). For those who are feeling a little out of shape, most of the way can be followed by car. We suggest parking just before the beginning of the Strente forest road. From there, a ten-minute walk leads to a narrow ravine carved in the porphyry, where you can admire the 36-metre high waterfall, set between dark vertical walls of porphyry, coated with moss and lichens in garish colours.
  • If you do the walk from the square at the Segonzano Pyramids, it is possible - after the Cascata del Lupo - to climb back up towards Marteri or Mas dei Laiti, to join trail SAT 406/B, which coincides with European Trail E5, and to return to the starting point passing by Quaras and the Sentiero delle Piramidi [Pyramid Trail].
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The earth Pyramids of Segonzano
  • A masterpiece of nature: towers, crests, pinnacles arranged like organ pipes, tall columns towered by a huge porphyry rock – these are the earth pyramids in the municipality of Segonzano. One of the most well known and studied geological phenomena in the world, also for its imposing beauty.
  • The remains of a moraine deposit dating back to the last ice age, the pyramids are now a tourist attraction of great didactic value.
  • The site is open to visitors all the year round, and can be reached by a specially equipped, clearly marked path.
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  • Home for a millenium to Prince Bishops who turned the Buonconsiglio castle into one od the best known castles in the whole of Europe, Trento is a case of exemplary autonomy and self government, still to be seen today in every corner of its historical centre.
  • An incredibily rich museum offer covering many fields, from art to history, tradition and science, with science being protagonist at the opening of MUSE, the very modern centre designed by Renzo Piano. Unforgettable experiences can be lived in Trento's museums!
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Fiemme Valley
  • The valley is an immense green area crossed by a beautiful cycling trail and by numerous paths; here you can do sports and relax, both right up close with nature.
  • During the summer months, Val di Fiemme offers a huge programme of opportunities to do sports, from mountain excursions along the Latemar Trekking trails to mountain biking along the Dolomiti Lagorai Bike circuit, to the many adventure parks and to the Latemar Montagnanimata entertainments for kids of all ages.
  • In winter Val di Fiemme is special because of the two sports you can do even at the most advanced levels-Alpine Skiing and cross-country skiing-without neglecting the numerous après-ski goings-on. Val di Fiemme, renowned as the mecca of cross-country skiing, hosts the World Cup competition in this categories well as other important competitions like the Marcialonga di Fiemme e Fassa.
  • You can use the ski areas with the Dolomiti Superski skipass that will allow you access to the slopes of the Ski Center Latemar, AlpeCermis, Bellamonte-AlpeLusia, Passo Lavazè and Oclini, with over 100km of downhill slopes. You can do cross-country skiing in the cross-country ski centres at Passo Lavazè and in Lago di Tesero, as well as along the Marcialonga track route.
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